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Save Somali Women and Children

Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC) is a registered non-government and non-profit civil society organization based in Mogadishu with offices in South and Central Somalia. SSWC was founded in 1992 in Mogadishu by a group of Somali women intellectuals from cross-section of the community.
SSWC core brand is the empowerment of vulnerable Somali women to regain dignity.

It was established with the prime intention of addressing humanitarian gaps for women and children wellbeing in their community.

The Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC) contribute to the creation of a safe and sustainable situation by supporting women to overcome marginalization, violence and poverty in their communities. It operates as a non-profit making organization that has the right to network with a variety of organizations that share similar values and vision. In Somalia women face a range of complex challenges that require multiple solutions.

We work in the belief that women through their own efforts and in collaboration with local, national and international allies are central to transforming their own lives and the lives of their communities and population of which they are part.

SSWC is women-led and women-centered organization (so its programs reflect the needs of those served) that have well-functioning management, finance and programmatic structures and systems.


To establish a supportive environment where women and children can realize their full potentials


To empower women and children access basic needs through tailored programs

Strategic Goals:

SSWC devised a sustainable five year strategy (2019-2024) to achieve the maximum needs and rights by fully involving stakeholders and mobilizing all resources. The program goals are materialized with the helping hand from the donor agencies.
    1. Increased access to justice and basic services
    2. Enhanced civic engagement and good governance
    3. Increased economic opportunities and standards of living
    4. Engaging inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable development.
    5. Promoting safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment

Organization values:

1. Accountability and Transparency.
2. Peace culture, pluralism and democracy.
3. Focus on material and non-material aspects.
4. Mutual solidarity and responsible citizenship.
5. Respect for people’s rights, cultural and social identity.
6. Responsible management of nature and natural resources.
7. Mutual respect and partnership with the development humanitarian actors’ include human rights and media groups (Agencies).


SSWC Headquarters, Soobe,
Wadajir Mogadishu Somalia

Phone: +254 20 374 4083
Mobile: +252 6184 72202

Email: info@sswc-som.org
Website: http://www.sswc-som.org