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  • Gender capacity building and awareness programs in women human rights, leadership, and peace building and conflict management and resolution;
  • Advocacy and lobbying for improved gender rights and concerns - with special focus on peace building, political decision-making and equal opportunities for all;
  • Taking women with their own identity (The Sixth Clan) to the High Negotiation Table, in the first time, as equal partners in decision-making: Somalia Peace and National Reconciliation Conference: I (May - October 2000, Arta, Djibouti) [Result: Somali women were; acquainted as a real stakeholders in the national peace and political process, and awarded with a constitutional quota of 25 seats in the national parliament and representation in the cabinet]
  • Active and staunch role in gender-mainstreaming in the Somali Peace and National Reconciliation Conference (II) /(October 2002 - October 2004, Eldoret - Mbagathi / Nairobi, Kenya) [Remarks:
    1. History was made as; the SSWC / Chairlady on behalf of Somali civil society became the first Somali woman to sign a peace agreement \"Declaration on the Harmonization of Various Issues Proposed by the Somali Delegates at the Somali Consultative Meetings\" (29th January 2004, State House, Nairobi, Kenya),
    2. More gains / achievements were acquired in women human rights perspectives and increase in the affirmative action quota for women representation in the Federal Parliament from 10.5% to 12%,
    3. Others including; change in language of the current Transitional Federal Charter as "He / or She" is applied.]
  • Provision of education and skills training (computer skills, tailoring, handcrafts and home economy, and literacy) program for disadvantaged girls and young women at an annual intake of 200 students since 2001;
  • Facilitated establishment of -Center for Women Human Rights, Peace, Education and Development - 2001 (The SSWC Center), and Somalia National Committee on FGM (2001) affiliated to the IAC - FGM / HTPs;
  • In the economic empowerment perspective, SSWC has a record of 4 successful income-generation projects for women;
  • Conducting training workshop and awareness on linking HIV/AIDS into women's rights and peace advocacy;
  • Carried out education and assessment on gender and justice;
  • Popularized ideals and achievements of the women's struggle for equity and equality -among others, through commemoration programmes for the International Women's Day (8th March) since 1994;
  • Sharing Somali women's concerns in rights and experience in gender mainstreaming with regional and international foras.


SSWC Headquarters, Soobe,
Wadajir Mogadishu Somalia

Phone: +254 20 374 4083
Mobile: +252 6184 72202