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Success Story: Enabling women refugees support family through vocational skills development

Fardowsa smiles proudly as she receives start-up kits from Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC). 70 beneficiaries among Fardowsa benefited from vocational skills training provided by SSWC between September to December 2020.

Fardowsa Mohamed, a widow of three children lives in Deynile district, Mogadishu. She is one of the Zanzibar asylum seekers that sought refuge in Somalia. In 2020, she was selected for a skills training on “Saloon services, Beauty therapist and Hinna application” implemented by SSWC and supported by UNHCR. The program which run for four months had its graduates receive start-up kits to initiate their own business.

It has been my passion to learn this skill. I always admired Saloon and make-up,” says Fardowsa.

These skills have their own importance to the society. You don’t need to beg anyone. You make use of your skill to earn money,”

Mohamed enjoys the ease of doing make-up and at the same time caring her children at home.

I do saloon and make-up in my house. Friends and family members visit me here. Besides keeping in touch with my children, I also earn income while at home.”

Besides Saloon and make up/beauty skills training, there was also a concurrent 4 months computer application and secretarial skills training where 35 of the total 70 beneficiaries graduated. Refugees and Asylum seekers in Somalia remain in the mercy of the humanitarian agencies in providing relief and other assistance. More than 14,000 Yemeni refugees have sought shelter in Somalia since March 2015 as per the UNHCR December 2019 report.

SSWC remain committed to supporting and imparting income generating skills to those in need. In 2019, SSWC trained 377 refugees and asylum seekers on pastry and tailoring skills and provided start-up funds to 210 SME training graduates.


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