Save Somali Women and Children and its partners are helping smallholder farmers to recover from natural disasters and civil strife, rebuild their farming systems and productive assets, improve their diets, and enhance their ability to engage with markets more effectively.

SSWC has been involved in livelihood programs since 1992 to cater for women, children and other vulnerable groups in Somalia. The organization implemented huge number of projects on livelihood since its establishment and supported the vulnerable groups to improve food security, cash for work and creation of small scale business.  Currently SSWC livelihood program provides;

Mother and child

SSWC has always been supportive to promotion of health and medical services to the mother and child in south central Somalia. The organization in collaboration with the community and donors constructed three Mother and child (MCHs) centers that provide basic services to mother and children in the region. However there is a plan to construct more in the near future.

Women Wellness center main purpose is to help in minimizing the stress, anguish, embarrassment and long reporting process to which a survivor is usually subjected. We do this through the provision of free medical treatment and psychosocial support and legal aid to survivors of gender based violence.

This is a package comprising the basic necessities that displaced women and girls require to maintain feminine hygiene, dignity and respect in their daily lives in spite of displacement.

Access to financial institutions is usually limited or nonexistent for the poorest of the poor. For rural populations, the distance to the closest commercial bank, credit union or microfinance institution (MFI) is often too far and transport costs are too expensive for making use of banking services. Moreover, the minimum savings required to open a bank account are usually high while the bank charges to open an account or apply for a loan are often prohibitive for poor households.

Wash is a critical aspect that needs critical measures in place to successfully implement its activities. SSWC in collaboration with its donors implemented various projects across south central Somalia among them rehabilitation of water points, garbage collection.


SSWC Headquarters, Soobe,
Wadajir Mogadishu Somalia

Phone: +254 20 374 4083
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