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GBV Crisis Center

GBV Crisis Centre main purpose is to help in minimising the stress, anguish, embarrassment and long reporting process to which a survivor is usually subjected.

We do this through the provision of free medical treatment and psychosocial support and legal aid to survivors of gender based violence. The aim of the crisis centre is Centralising all the support services in one location makes the experience more humane, thus, eventually overcoming the current reluctance of many to seek support when they are abused. Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is a serious problem in Somalia especially in IDP camps. SGBV refers to all forms of violence that happen to women and men because of the unequal power relations between them. SGBV is in most cases directed at women because women have less power and status in most parts of Somalia due to the prevalence and history of patriarchal societies.

One of the main obstacles to both preventing and punishing SGBV is the high degree of stigmatization of the victims, who then become reluctant to raise the issue with the authorities or even with their families out of fear for repercussions due to the stigmatization. In Somalia, domestic violence is a major but hidden problem, which receives insufficient attention from all stakeholders.

The crisis centre provides a comprehensive support to survivors of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV). In order to address the medical, psychosocial and legal needs of the survivors, the centre is staffed with a nurse, counselor/ social worker, a lawyer and field monitors. The model of a "one stop" crisis centre is important for creating a safe and supportive environment for women and girls to seek immediate protection, medical treatment and legal assistance. To avoid the possibility of social stigma the centre upholds the highest standard of confidentiality and privacy of survivors, our working procedures are guided by the principles of caring for survivors. For the survivors to complete the services offered at the centre we empowered few women economically and still willing to touch more SGBV survivors lives by stabilizing their future to avoid the re-occurrence of the same brutal act.


SSWC Headquarters, Soobe,
Wadajir Mogadishu Somalia

Phone: +254 20 374 4083
Mobile: +252 6184 72202