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Mother and child

SSWC has always been supportive to promotion of health and medical services to the mother and child in south central Somalia. The organization in collaboration with the community and donors constructed three Mother and child (MCHs) centers that provide basic services to mother and children in the region. However there is a plan to construct more in the near future.

The objectives of the Health services are:

  • Provision of anti natal care
  • Provision of post natal care
  • Bringing MCH services closer to the people

The establishment of functional MCHs in those villages undertakes medical care in grass-root level, carrying out preventive and curative service for direct beneficiaries. The program provides concrete improvement of medical conditions for the poor communities in those villages. The initiatives and actions should be combined together for quick positive impact of communities' health status in the district.


SSWC participates during designated national immunization days (NIDs), which are usually conducted Six days, polio vaccination teams every month. The vaccinators are walked from house to house to identify and vaccinate every child under 10 years of age with oral polio vaccine this mobilization supported the teams who conducted vaccination this action helped vaccinator to work easily and effectively and it facilitates to reach the target coverage also it raised awareness of community about vaccinations also to eliminate bad perception of community about EPI. We have done many activities about mobilizations in Adado District.

Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is very important of health and growing of children. SSWC has been working together with international, and local NGO's in Somali such as UNICEF BPSC. The campaign mainly emphases on how breast milk is the best source of nutrition for young infants nationally breast milk (both colostrums and majeure breast milk )contains all essential of optional growth exclusive breast feeding is recommended for as possible complementary food may be introduced four six month of age exclusively Brest feeding events follow as slower but normally growth pattern then bottle feed infant as around six month of age and may there for separate growth cure breast feeding contains digestive enzymes such as amylase and lipids that facilities digestive of ingested starch and fats and the infants breast milk contains immunology substances such as lactoferin lysozymes macrophages and other anti bodies that confer passive immunity to infants intestine with the bacteria lacto bacillus these organisms maintain and environment that discourages growth of pathogenic breast feeding infants are less susceptible then bottle feeding infants to respiratory enteric and ear infections breastfeed infants are also at lesser of food allergy since they are spread from espouser to food antigens at time when macromolecules are readily absorbed an along terms basis of cancer and raised serum cholesterol letter in life apart from the nutritional and immunological benefits breast milk is readily available relatively safe and may enhance intestinal development further more breast feeding is satisfying for both the mother and child the closeness of this coupling exposes both individuals for aide range of physical and emotional stimuli.


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