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Peace building, Governance and Women Empowerment

SSWC engages in programs and work with partners that promote democratic change. We enlighten the grassroots community and empowering them to make governance systems more accountable and responsive to the needs and rights of citizens. SSWC adopts collective approach in contributing to the betterment of the grass root communities through consultation, information sharing and implementation of program activities in partnerships with faith-based and community-based organizations and also in collaboration with local leadership governments where program activities are run.
We undertake these activities to achieve the program goal.
  • Conduct capacity building training on peaceful co-existence, governance and democracy.
  • Promote civic engagement awareness in traditional and social media platforms.
  • Play advocacy role for women political inclusivity.
  • Hold poetry competition for youth and women on good governance. 
  • Hold meetings/debates for youth and women on themes of democratization and good governance.


SSWC Headquarters, Soobe,
Wadajir Mogadishu Somalia

Phone: +254 20 374 4083
Mobile: +252 6184 72202