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Disaster Risks Reduction (DRR) measures

Disaster Risks Reduction assessment measures are multi-step process, beginning with Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment(PDRA) and development and implementation of Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CMDRR) plans.

  • The Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment (PDRA) The aim of the Participatory Disaster Risk Assessment process is to increase people’s understanding of their hazards, vulnerabilities and capacities, and to enable them to develop appropriate solutions to improve their situation. The PDRA was undertaken in order to understand the current conditions so as to build local adaptive capacities through medium-to long-term strategies. The project’s ambitious approaches will together help tackle the challenges of recurrent droughts, floods and other disasters that have resulted in chronic vulnerability in the target districts. Based on the findings of the PDRA assessment,Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CM-DRR) plans are developed to help communities in building their resilience and developing positive coping mechanisms.
  • Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction (CM-DRR) plans refers to a process in which communities are actively engaged in the identification, analysis, monitoring and evaluation of the risks, with the aim of reducing people’s disaster risk and enhancing their capacities. It places the communities at the heart of decision-making processes and in the management of disaster risk reduction measures. In so doing, 10 Communities have managed to form the following local institutions.


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